Giants ProSquad

Huddersfield Giants Pro-squad

We are an active part of the match day experience at all Huddersfield Giants home matches, by performing routines inside the John Smiths Stadium.

Our aim is to play a part in the local community, attending a variety of sporting and corporate events. We volunteer and perform while also sharing our knowledge and experience to young children, teenagers and adults.

We pride ourselves as great role models, expressing our personality, energy and enthusiasm – as you will see in our performances.

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Meet the Squad

Olivia Rhodes: Coach

Name: Olivia Rhodes | Age: 20 | Occupation: Student Midwife | Favourite Player: Jermaine McGillvary

I have been a dancer for 12 years and have been a Giants cheerleader for 6 years. I have competed at many venues across the country and have won various dance titles including national and regional champion. I love coaching pro-squad and choreographing routines for game days and events alongside training to become a midwife. Being a part of pro-squad is like having an extended family! I have made so many amazing friends and memories and I couldn’t imagine not doing what I love and coaching this team!


Name: Logan Woodward | Age: 23 | Occupation: Admin | Favourite Player: Matty English

I have been a Giants cheerleader for 3 years and have supported the rugby club for 10 years. I enjoy performing on game days as I love the atmosphere within the stadium! I have made life-long friends during my time on pro-squad and have so much fun performing routines to different genres of music such as musicals. I get so excited to find out what song we are performing to next. Also, I feel honoured to have been voted as Vice Captain for the 2019/2020 season and cant wait to step up to this role.


Name: Chloe Munroe | Age: 23 | Occupation: Service Advisor at Mercedes | Favourite Player – Michael Lawrence

I love dancing for the Giants as I have grown up with rugby being a massive part of my families lives. I have a dance degree so I love having this as my hobby!


Name: Chloe Quarmby | Age: 23 | Occupation: Fitness Instructor | Favourite Player – Ukuma Ta’ai

I have been attending cheerleading classes since the age of 4. I like being a Giants cheerleader because it allows you to be part of a massive family and be a role model to younger, aspiring cheerleaders. I love interacting with the fans on game days as well as participating in events within the community.

Name: Rachel Castilho-Li | Age: 23 | Occupation: Travel and Tourism Student | Favourite Player: Aaron Murphy

I enjoy cheerleading because of the electrifying atmosphere of game days and the thrill of performing in front of a large crowd. I am currently studying travel and tourism and I am president of the gymnastics club at uni.

Name: Beth Thompson | Age: 19 | Occupation: Teaching Assistant | Favourite Player: Adam O’Brien

Over the few seasons I have been a Giants cheerleader I have made so many memories both on and off the pitch and I have grown as a person not just as a dancer. I love being around so many amazing girls and gaining new members every season. The game day experience is brilliant!

Name: Bethany Roberts | Age: 20 | Occupation: Dance Student | Favourite Player: Lee Gaskell

I enjoy being part of such a lovely team, entertaining the crowd on game days and doing what I love whilst socialising with some amazing girls!

Name: Caitlyn Hirst | Age: 19 | Occupation: Criminology Student | Favourite Player: Jordan Turner

I enjoy participating in game days as well as watching the younger cheerleaders perform and develop their skills. I also love learning a variety of routines and being a part of this crazy squad!

Name: Chido Nyakonda | Age: 21 | Occupation: Psychology Student | Favourite Player – Darnell McIntosh

My favourite thing about cheerleading is the freedom it brings me and its diversity. The incorporation of different dance backgrounds and athletic abilities fuels me in discovering more about myself both on and off the pitch.

Name: Darcie Hill | Age: 21 | Occupation: Sales Assistant | Favourite Player: Joe Wardle

Returning to the Giants prosquad after having a couple of seasons off has been brilliant! I love performing and being part of a team. The team work within our little family is great. The routines that are choreographed week on week are amazing and I love performing them on game days.

Name: Ellie Hawtin | Age: 19 | Occupation: Childhood Studies Student | Favourite Player: Suaia Matagi

I love performing as part of the prosquad team as well as taking part in community events. It has provided me with a chance to meet new people and have fun!

Name: Harriet Midgley | Age: 19 | Occupation: Emergency Call Handler | Favourite Player: Jermaine McGillvary

I love learning new choreography each week and performing so many amazing and high energy routines. My first season as part of the Giants prosquad has been fab and I am looking forward to the many more seasons to come!

Name: Kerry-Jo Quarmby | Age: 19 | Occupation: Swimming Teacher | Favourite Player: Leroy Cudjoe

I enjoy being a Giants cheerleader because it is a fun and physically demanding sport. There are so many different aspects to it! I have danced for 14 years and could never part from it!

Name: Leonie Laycock | Age: 24 | Occupation: Auditor | Favourite Player: Aaron Murphy

The reason I love being a cheerleader for the Giants Prosquad is because we are not just a team, we are a family! I enjoy the excitement of game days because the build up before the game is exhilarating.

Name: Maia Pennington | Age: 19 | Occupation: Student | Favourite Player: Lee Gaskell

I am so excited to embark on my first season as a Giants cheerleader! So far I have loved training each week and getting to know so many new faces. I enjoy learning all the new choreography and routines and can’t wait to perform on game days.

Name: Millie Crowe-Stead | Age: 21 | Occupation: Law Student | Favourite Player: Michael Lawrence

I really enjoy being a Giants cheerleader because the atmosphere at games is amazing and I have made a whole new group of friends through being on this team. I love it!


In our customers words

Great relationships with the children which promote mutual respect, clear boundaries and great behaviour for learning. Clear structure to the lessons with appropriate teaching points, plenary and vocabulary. I can see clear progress in terms of skills, techniques, confidence and understanding. Acts on feedback throughout the lesson from me and his own formative assessment.

Dan Gough, Heaton Avenue

In our customers words

PE lessons and support in PE lessons are great! Children are enjoying lunchtime clubs. Good relationships with children - building relationships. Sharing tickets to the rugby games with the children and encouraging them to try to watch different sports. The sessions during the breakfast club are extremely engaging and the majority of children who chose to go outside to take part in Jordan’s sessions they are also very fun based and extremely inclusive so all abilities can take part successfully., Jordan is always punctual and is pleasant with the children.

Tracey Dell, Head Teacher, Crossley Fields Junior and Infants School

In our customers words

Becky is amazing her delivery is great. She has a great rapport with the children. Her sessions are engaging and fun and she's teaching my staff a thing or two about sports delivery. All in all, we could not be happier.

Louise Brown, Head Teacher, Headfield Juniors

In our customers words

Rebecca has been brilliant in school. Her management in club time is fantastic and coping with Autistic and ADHD children in sessions as well. Her planning, activity organisation and management, as well as knowledge of the children, and rapport with everyone has been so professional we couldn't have asked for more. The children have really enjoyed all the sessions.

Debbie Douglas, Head Teacher, Saville Town

In our customers words

The sessions so far have been really good and exciting. Teaching staff have mentioned how engaged the children are and how happy they have been the way the lessons have been delivered. The school has been happy with the confidence of the person delivering the lessons as well as their knowledge and professionalism. It has helped teachers working alongside to gain ideas and development in their own practice. Overall the school has been very happy with the delivery of the sessions as well as the person (Jordan) delivering them. Thank You!

Nadeem Sarwar, PE Coordinator Spring Grove

In our customers words

Duane was brilliant, the children loved the sessions, as did the teachers he worked with. One teacher said, "I now feel skilled enough to deliver rugby to my class." The sessions were pitched at the correct level for different ages and the pace and behaviour management were excellent. Here's to next years sessions!

Dave Spencer, Hillside Primary School

In our customers words

James is doing an amazing job at Bruntcliffe. He teaches four very different groups throughout the day and is adaptable in his teaching. He has fit in with the team very well and the students are responding very well to his teaching.

Chris Lindley, Head of Physical Education, Bruntcliffe Academy

In our customers words

Duane's delivery of Sky Try Rugby was fantastic. The children left with a wealth of knowledge on the sport - the have even practised what they have learnt in the playground too. His behaviour management was fantastic and the children responded well to everything he taught. Each one of them made a progression each week. Overall it was loved by all children! We would love it if you could come back again next year!

Miss M Brook, Teacher, Berry Brow

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