Published: 30th October 2017

Huddersfield Community Trust have agreed a Partnership with The Gym Group which will see the Huddersfield Category Three use the facilities at their new state of the art gym.

Giants Ambassador Eorl Crabtree was there for the opening of The Gym, which is located on Beck Road HD1 5DG, and commented:

“One of the biggest things for The Gym is that they are community based. They believe in helping the community and have built this relationship on the fact that we have our own partnership with the Huddersfield Community Trust, which is where the Huddersfield Category Three players are based. They are supporting the Zone, the Community Trust and these player in developing a future for them in a sports environment. They will be trained correctly and it sets them up nicely so that hopefully one day some of these players will have the opportunity to play in the scholarship, the academy and then the first-team. We think it’s really beneficial to not only The Gym and the Community Trust but also the Category Three players themselves and hopefully in the long-term the Huddersfield Giants.”

“It’s a really nice state of the art gym. It’s a great opportunity for the Category Three players and for the future Category Three players that we are trying to attract to the Zone. The educational side is absolutely fantastic, they play some really good rugby having already beaten Craven and Leeds College and we’re already looking at recruitment for next year. I think it’s important that we have the structures in place to make sure that they can progress at the rate that they need to and learn educationally in the classroom, the gym and on the field. This is massively important for us and is a great relationship that will hopefully blossom.”

“We’re very grateful to The Gym but we’re also very mindful in realising that it is a partnership where we have to work together in making sure we each get what we want out of it. I think it’s great that they’re looking to do something in the community and with the Charity Organisation that is the Huddersfield Community Trust. It’s important that they keep working together and hopefully we’ll see the benefits of the players coming through and getting bigger, stronger and fitter.”

Dominic Moore, of The Gym Group, commented:

We’re a state of the art, 24 hour gym in Huddersfield and have only just opened. We offer one of the cheapest deals in Huddersfield at just £12.99 with no contract. We have three classes, over 170 bits of kit including everything from treadmills and cardio equipment to weightlifting gear.

“We’re keen to help people in the community and have given the Huddersfield Category Three players access to the gym so that they can come down and focus on their training here. It will be great to see them come down once or twice a week and our Personal Trainers will be happy to give them any assistance they may need. I think it’s a great partnership and sets us up for a good future.”


James Mahoney, Principle of the Huddersfield Education Academy, commented:

We are delighted to partner with The Gym in Huddersfield, which will allow our students to use a state of the art gym as part of their training programme. We have a number of students who have ambitions to play Rugby League at an elite level, therefore it is our responsibility to ensure they have access to high quality facilities and training alongside their academic studies.

“We hope by using the gym and having access to a range of fitness classes, our students will develop their physical attributes and general fitness levels. We are also looking forward to being able to use the gym for the academic side of the course when studying modules around Fitness and Physiology.”

For more information on The Gym please click here

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